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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should use DCI  PRO ?

You should use DCI PRO if your lifestyle is busy and you are exposed to many harsh environmental factors, e.g.; work stress, lack of sleep, frequent travels, chemical peels, pollution, unhealthy diet, extreme weather conditions, regular and intense sun exposure.    

2. What is dry or sensitive  skin ?

Your skin is your body’s shield, acting as a barrier against irritants, allergens and the elements. It also controls the movement of moisture in and out of the body. Normal, healthy skin is coated  in a thin layer of lipids, or natural fats, which locks in moisture and helps keep skin soft and supple. If this layer of lipids is compromised, your skin can lose moisture and become dehydrated and dry.

There isn’t a strict dermatological definition for sensitive skin. Your skin has a natural, protective barrier that ensures it stays healthy by locking moisture in and keeping out harmful irritants, harsh ingredients and environmental aggressors, such as weather,  dirt and pollution. If the moisture barrier is compromised the skin barrier becomes vulnerable and is more likely to become sensitive and react to these irritants and environmental aggressors.

3. What causes dry or sensitive  skin ?

Your skin’s outer layer, the stratum corneum, contains cells embedded within what is known as a lipid matrix.

Lipids are natural fats that surround skin cells to protect against water loss from the  inside, and bacteria and allergens from the outside. Dry, sensitive skin occurs when the natural moisture barrier of the stratum corneum becomes disrupted, leading to loss of moisture and penetration of irritants, causing dryness and sensitivity.

4. How can I care for my dry or sensitive  skin ?

When caring for skin, following a good skin care regime is one of the most important things you can do. Wash your skin with tepid water; hot water can make the blood rush to the skin, making the skin  appear make the blood rush to the skin, making the skin appear red and feel tighter. After washing, pat the skin dry - don’t rub as this can further aggravate dry, sensitive skin. After a bath or shower in the day, ensure you apply generous amounts of cream or lotion which  absorbs easily under clothing. At night, you should apply a more intensive cream to really hydrate the skin.